What does Proverbs and Universal Remote Control have in common?  I felt them at first to be a rather perculiar association.  Giving more thought to it and continuing to read The Proverbs, gradually it became more clear.  I thought of words that to mind reading this incredible Book - like those that appear in the logo to your left -  

Most everyone wants to make the good decisions, know which way we're supposed to go and what it will take to get there.  In order for all this to work effectively it would be useful to have a universal remote control to handle the multiple life functions we operate in on a daily basis.  Problem is we look more to philosophers, popular trends and the media to guide our lives, only to end up searching for more.  The universal remote control does exist and it's found in the infallible Word of God.  The Proverbs tell us how to live a prosperous life - by gaining understanding of the living principles of the words in our logo. 

Wisdom is a most beneficial characteristic we must all strive for, to gain right action, error-correction, personal development, and full prosperity as we live the experience of our lives.  The Proverbs are the foundation of wisdom and the universal remote control we've been searching for all along.  

"UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL" came to mind for the recording project you will find later in the website, giving it a name that is both relevant and applicable toward the teachings and understandings gained from The Proverbs.  Let's learn to live our lives through THE UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL perspective!

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